Thursday, February 11, 2016

DIY: Valentine's Heart Banner

If you've read my blog for awhile, 
you're probably already aware I love to decorate.
(Proof can be found here, here and here!)
And if I can DIY the decoration, that's even better!

While I have quite a bit of Valentine's Day decor already,
I wanted something new and different this year,
and I'm a fan of DIY banners so that's what I set out to make!

After a little research online and very little thought,
I decided on a super simple heart banner in two different red patterns.
Take a look below to see how I made it! 

The Goods:
Scrapbook Paper*
Heart Stencil
Craft Rope or Twine
Slim Utility Knife

*I used two different red patterns, but use whatever you'd like!

Depending on the length of your banner,
trace as many hearts as you'll need.

I used five of one patterns and four of another,
and actually originally traced and cut out eight of each.
It was WAY more than I needed because of the size of my stencil.

On the reverse side of the patterned paper, 
draw little lines where you'll make cuts for your rope. 

Using your slim utility knife,
cut slits over the lines you just drew.

Slide the rope through one slit and then the other,
alternating between the two red patterns.

Lastly, hang your banner for all to see! 

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