Thursday, January 22, 2015

Grilled Blackened Tilapia Tacos

I've made fried fish tacos many times and even blogged about it here.
Until recently I hadn't thought (or maybe wanted to) try them any other way.
With the new year, I'm trying to be extra healthy and make good food choices,
so I thought I'd be a good girl and stay away from frying the fish.

After some quick online research, I decided to grill the fish and make

The Goods:
Corn Tortillas
Blackened Seasoning
Tomato/Onion Relish*
Avocado Cream Sauce**
Fresh Limes

I like to cut my fish into smaller pieces.
It's up to you, but I feel it makes it easier to eat.
Next, coat both sides of the fish with blackened seasoning.

Get your grill (or grill pan in my case) nice and warm over medium-high heat.
Once heated, I spray it with a lil cooking spray to prevent sticking.
Now it's time to cook your fish. 

Each side will take about 4 to 5 minutes.
Your fish is ready when the outside is blackened and flakes easily.

Next, simply assemble your tacos to your liking, serve and enjoy!

And if you have extra and feel like sharing,
 package up a to-go container for your neighbor to enjoy too!

*To make the tomato onion relish, I diced tomatoes and onions,
then combined and mixed in a bowl with fresh lime juice.

**This recipe is great, but I only used it for the sauce - not the entire meal! 

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