Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Link Ups: My Birthday Weekend Plans!

Happy Friday Everyone!!
I'm back today for another Friday Link Up!
And again, I'm linking up with THREE different groups.
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My birthday is tomorrow and I'm spending the weekend away.
It's not a big birthday or anything, but I still have some fun things in store.
So I thought today would be a great day to share 
Keep reading to find out what I have going on.

1. Wine Tasting!
Photos via here
With Napa, the Central Coast and Temecula all relatively close,
it's pretty crazy that I've never been wine tasting!
I'm changing that today and hitting up a few wineries with family and friends.

2. Hanging out with Family and Friends!
Hanging out with family and friends doesn't stop with wine tasting.
Nope, I plan to spend a few days with some pretty awesome people.
And if I'm being honest, I can't wait to celebrate my birthday with them!

3. Eating some yummy food!
And because I'm ME, I already have the menus planned out.
I won't be doing all the cooking, but I will be eating well!
I'm super excited for some fluffy pancakes and bbq'd salmon.

4. Horseback riding!
And of course we'll be doing some horseback riding!
Not only is it something that I love to do
but I can't wait to wear my new cowboy boots!!!

5. Relaxing in the hot tub...and maybe even the pool!!
Yup, you read that right folks.
I'll be hot tubing for sure, but I'll still be in Southern California,
so if the weather's nice enough I may take a dip in the pool too.

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  1. Happy birthday! I'm totally jealous of your weekend plans. Sounds fun.