Sunday, June 3, 2012

Herbs, Tomatoes & More

As the title suggests - this will be all about my thriving herbs, amazing tomato plant and all the other goodies in my garden! Everything is requiring more water, but I'm seeing the rewards in how well everything is growing. 

My herbs are just going crazy!!! My Basil is already HUGE, the recently transplanted Flat Leaf Parsley is really filling in, my Rosemary is bigger than it's ever been, the Dill took off after I planted it in the huge container, my Sage is doing so well I have to keep cutting it back to prevent it from taking over, and lastly, my thyme seems to be doing just fine. :) I love cooking with fresh herbs and I love it even more that I grow them myself. I have room for one more, but I'm not sure what I'll end up with. Any suggestions?!?! 

Now let me tell you about my tomato plant that's doing so well. I counted the other day, and I currently have somewhere around THIRTY little tomatoes in various stages. These are cherry tomatoes, so I'll get to enjoy them soon...but not soon enough. I really can't wait because home grown tomatoes - right off the vine - are simply delicious!

And finally - the other goodies and wonderful things I'm growing. 

My lime tree is really filling in and I hope that means better protection for the little baby limes, which in turn means more limes for me to enjoy! 

The jalapeno plant seems a little stunted, but the one pepper that did grow is continuing to get bigger so I'm holding out hope for the little plant. I want more peppers already!!!

My little yellow roses seem to be happy and are so tiny. I wonder how big the plant will end up getting. I've never grown any type of rose before... 

The flowers in the window boxes are doing great! I even had two new Gerber Daisies sprout when I thought the plant was dead all along. What a nice little surprise!!

And lastly, the little corner in my garden that one of my cats likes to crawl over to get to his favorite thing - fresh cat grass! In addition to the grass, there are marigolds, pansies, and dahlias amongst other really cool plants that I have no clue what they are! :)

I still plan to add a few more things so keep your eye out for an update on my ever changing garden.

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