Sunday, June 10, 2012

Reorganizing The Garden!

Instead of getting something new, I moved things around in the garden, made use of what I had on hand and the end result was better than I'd imagined. I'm really happy with the over all look and I'm anticipating even better things in the coming weeks. Until then, take a look at a few of the highlights from earlier this evening.

I was going to get rid of this old TV/Media Stand that I'd already repurposed more than once, but right before taking it downstairs I realized it could make a really good plant stand for the corner of my balcony. I've been looking at a new plant stand for awhile and little did I know I had one right in the next room all along! 

All of my flowers are really doing well. Even the ones I though were dead are coming back and I can't believe it. Here's a look at two of my railing window boxes that are thriving.

All of the herbs I'm growing are doing great and I can't seem to use or give them away fast enough. I love having them available, but just wish I used them a little more often! Oh well, that doesn't stop them from growing like crazy!!
Dill, Lemon Thyme, Rosemary and Sage


Flat Leaf Parsley

The tomato plant continues to impress me and I cannot wait for the first tomato to start to change color. I am anticipating the delicious taste and I don't want to wait much longer! Until then, I enjoy seeing these awesome CLUSTER of little tomatoes!!!!

And lastly, in sad new, I think the poor jalapeno plant is done. :( The little pepper is pretty much done growing and there aren't any other new peppers in sight. I've been holding out hope, but I think I may just need to go buy a new one...

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