Monday, September 12, 2016

DIY: Watercolor Glasses - A Failure

Not to toot my own horn,
but I think I'm pretty good at DIY projects 
But I'm not gonna lie - I sometimes fail.

And today I'm here to show you a BIG fail.

One of my coworkers showed me this fun project.
I immediately knew it was something I wanted to try,
but to put my own twist on it, I used glasses instead of mugs.
That may have been my first mistake if I'm being honest...

The Goods:
Nail Polish
Disposable Bucket
Wood Skewers
Warm Water

Not Pictured:
Nail Polish Remover
Cotton Balls /Q-Tips

Set up something to dry your glasses on,
keeping them raised to prevent sticking if possible.
I used parchment paper and plastic knives and it worked well.

Fill your disposable bucket with warm water...

Add the nail polish to the surface of the water
and quickly swirl it around with a wooden skewer.

Dip your glass into the water - straight down and straight out.
Place glass on plastic knives to dry completely.

Change the water and add more nail polish between dipping each glass.

As soon as I dipped the first glass, I didn't love them.
Heck, I didn't really like them that much, 
but I thought I could keep dipping to fix them!

After drying, I dipped them a second time with a second color.
And I still wasn't too thrilled...

So I dipped them yet again, making a total of three dips.
While not perfect, they were much better than after the first dip.

Use nail polish remover and cotton balls/q-tips to clean up the tip line of the dip.

Now here's where I REALLY failed...

The original directions say to seel the nail polish with a dishwasher safe ModPodge.
Silly me - I hand washed these glasses before doing so and completely messed them up!
My hard work (ok maybe not so hard) was ruined by my stupidity.
I luckily was able to save the glasses to use un-dipped.

For two DIY projects that weren't fails,
and ones that would be great for Halloween,
check out my Bat Decorations and Spook Banner.

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