Sunday, August 31, 2014

Organic VS. Not!

A few months back, one of my friends mentioned on Facebook
that she was going to start buying more organic goods.

Before reading her post, I was already buying organic.
Especially when it came to produce, dairy and meat (when possible).
When shopping, I pay close attention to the Dirty Dozen,
but even if it isn't on the list and I can get organic, I tend to.

After reading her post, I got inspired for this post!
I decided it'd be fun to track what I buy on a weekly basis,
and see how much is organic vs. how much is not!

So without further rambling from myself, take a look below
at a few examples of my weekly grocery trips over the last weeks!

10 Organic VS. 5 Not

14 Organic VS. 11 Not

13 Organic VS. 17 Not

13 Organic VS. 12 Not

12 Organic VS. 9 Not

So as you can see from those above examples, 
I almost always buy more organic than not.

I know it costs a little bit more, 
but I feel better about consuming organic foods vs. not.
Why you may ask?
Simple - GMO's, pesticides, antibiotics, etc. 

If you want to know more,
I found this site is very helpful and informative! 

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