Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Garden Guests

Fall just began and I've been decorating my place like crazy! The fun doesn't stop inside though - I made sure to spread the festiveness to my balcony as well. And THAT is where the Garden Guests come in...

Halloween just isn't the same without a spooky black crow and that brings me to the first visitor. This scary looking guy that's really harmless hangs out by the flowers and looks over at everything.

The second and last visitor is a giant vampire bat that's scary on it's own but get's scarier at night with creepy red flashing eyes!

While we're talking about the garden, let's do a quick update on a few of the wonderful things I've got growin'!

The herbs are pretty much all thriving and I'm hoping they continue to do well for awhile, but I'm scared that the cooler weather is going to kill most of them. I'll be sure to make use of them while I still have them!

This little corner of plants is doing so well and is growing like crazy! There are a few plants in there that are begging for bigger containers. Hopefully I have a little time soon! 

Look how big this Christmas Tree is getting!!!

The lime tree is doing amazing and I am loving the pretty much endless supply of limes I have at the moment. 

Lastly, the climbing Jasmine is climbing like crazy, but isn't flowering. I miss their wonderful smell and hope it returns! If not - they still look pretty!!!

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