Sunday, May 6, 2012

Look At My Garden Growwwww

Over the last week there have been some amazing developments in my garden! My plants are loving the weather and are showing it with their awesome growth!

Let me start with the cherry tomato plant. I was a little worried about this sucker after planting it in my Topsey Turvey recently, but it's proving to be quite alright. I officially have little tomato flowers and the plant has grown a lot in the last week.

Equally exciting is the jalapeno plant! It is quite tiny, but it already has it's first flower that will hopefully become the first pepper.  C'monnnnnnn peppers. I am hoping that I have a ton and I cannot wait!!!

Probably THE most exciting thing right now are my Snap Peas. They recently started flowering, then they began to flower like CRAZY, and now they little peas are getting bigger and bigger. I will soon get to enjoy the sweet crisp deliciousness!

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