Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Garden Visitor!

I've been finding mushrooms growing in my snap pea pot almost every day since I planted them a couple weeks ago. It's odd because I used the same soil in my other planters, but the mushrooms are only growing with the snap peas. I mentioned before that I dig them up every time, but they just keep appearing! 

No, the mushrooms aren't the visitor, but they lead to me finding the visitor.  

Earlier this week I came home from work and was tending to my garden like usual. I pushed a chair over to stand on and grabbed a little plastic shovel I was going to use to dig the mushrooms up if there happened to be any. Instantly I felt something on my hand so I flung my hand, along with the shovel, and all of a sudden I saw a praying mantis clinging for dear life to the chair I was standing on. Poor little sucker. I didn't mean to fling it, but it caught me off guard.  I was a little scared at first, but then I realized what it was and couldn't help but snap a few pictures to share!

I didn't welcome the caterpillars - they were unwanted visitors, but I'll take a praying mantis any day!

Just hangin' on!

Climbing up.

Oh hello there!

It just kept movin' on up the chair.

I ended up putting it on another plant hanging off my balcony. I haven't seen it since.

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