Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fall Garden - 1 Week

It's been a little over a week since I planted my Fall garden - with the help of my wonderful parents! (Thanks again Mom and Dad!) I am so excited to see the growth from the new plants, as well as the new growth on older plants.  I was a little scared this time since I am starting so many things from seeds. Last time I had the help of the nursery because everything was already a developed plant.

The beets and carrots are doing amazing. I've already thinned them both and have a feeling I'll be thinning the carrots again soon.

Itty Bitty Beet Sprouts

Lots of Carrots Sprouts!

The snap peas have sprouted! I'm so excited and cannot wait to grab one off the vine and munch on it right away. Yummm!  The only problem with them though is the fact that I keep having to dig up and get rid of mushrooms. The little suckers appear out of nowhere - I don't get it. Tonight I dug up a huge mushroom root system. I hope it did the trick - but I also hope I didn't damage the little pea plants in the process. Hmmm....

The Tiny Little Pea Sprouts

So cute!

The spinach is doing very well - so well that I can probably eat some in the next few days. The weather last week really helped and I was so glad I didn't lose the lil spinach plants to extreme heat.  I just hope the cool Fall weather is here to stay!

Singular Spinach

Unfortunately I was snapping pictures of the garden while the cable company service rep was fixing my internet and phone, and I forgot to get shots of most of my herbs. OOPS...sorry folks! I did manage to get a few, and don't worry because they'll all be back next week! :)

GIANT Sweet Basil

Mint that is taking over!!!

And you can't forget about the tomato, jalapeno and strawberry plants.  They're ALL flowering again and I'm anticipating another crop from each one. I cannot believe it. Show's how much I know! I'm learning things as I go and loving every minute of it! 

It's still a monster

I pruned it recently - that's why it looks so bare.

And the new buds. 

Look at the lil white, unripe lil strawberry!!!

Last but not least, the garlic. I'm convinced it's almost time for me to harvest it, but I'm so scared to do it too early and it not be ready... Soon enough! What do you think??? :)

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