Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall Garden - 2 Weeks

As my Fall Garden continues to come to grow, I am getting more and more excited for what the future will bring.  My friend, Alison and I got to enjoy some spinach from the 1st spinach harvest and it was sure tasty!

The four big spinach leaves in the middle are part of the harvest. 

I can't wait until there is much more ready to saute with a little garlic. Yum!!!

Even with the tiny 1st harvest, the spinach is growing like crazy and there are new tiny leaves almost daily.

All of my herbs continue to do well and many of my friends are reaping the benefits. I can't use the herbs fast enough, so I'm glad other people get to enjoy them as well.

Sweet Basil

Flat Leaf Parsley



Upright Rosemary

The new vegetables for Fall, that were planted from seeds, are all doing amazing as well. The leaves on the carrots are changing, the tiny beet greens are slowly getting bigger and the snap pea growth continues to amaze me!

I may have over thinned these guys... :(


Snap Peas

There are so many new groups of tomato flowers that I've lost count at this point. My jalapeno plant has around five new blossoms, and many other tiny buds that will be flowering soon.  I'm so excited that I'm getting a second round of crops from these plants. 

Tomato Plant
It looks naked because I pruned it like crazy this weekend!

Jalapeno Plant

New Blossoms!

Strawberry Plant

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