Sunday, January 26, 2014

Potato, Ham and Cheese Quiche

A few weeks ago, my friend Renee told me about a quiche she had made with ham. After hearing all about it, I KNEW I wanted to make myself a quiche with ham very soon! 

I couldn't wait very long - I made the quiche just a few days later and had it for dinner with Elina. My ham quiche was a little different than Renee's, but I'm sure both were quite tasty! 

The Goods:
Pie Crust
Cheddar Cheese
Cubed Potatoes

Mine had thick cut ham, shredded medium cheddar cheese, cubed potatoes and sauteed onions. 
Oh and eggs, of course eggs!

Once everything is prepped, putting the quiche together only takes a few minutes. But then you have to wait about 40 minutes to enjoy the deliciousness! 

It's worth the wait though, I promise!

Elina and I enjoyed the quiche with homemade salsa and a chopped salad.

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