Monday, September 9, 2013

My Poor Garden

Yup, you read that right. My garden is looking pretty poor these days. Sadly, my flowers were already struggling, and the gross heat we've been having recently left the already puny flowers with no hope for survival. :( All, yes ALL of the window boxes now sit empty and I'm wondering if I should just keep them that way until the cool Fall weather is here... I'm thinking I just may!

Now take a look below at all the things that are doing well in my garden. I'm just praying the cooler temperatures come soon, so I don't lose anything else. 

Blueberry and Raspberry Plants

Jalapeno and Basil Plants

The Jalapenos are still goin' strong!

And the herbs are struggling a bit.

But the lime tree is doing just fine.

As is the tomato plant.
But sadly, it's been my least successful tomato plant.

Check back soon for updates. Hopefully I only have new additions and no more losses to report!! Oh - and I'd love any suggestions on things to plant in my FALL garden, which I'll be doing VERY soon!

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