Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Garden Goodies and Changes

As I mentioned in previous garden posts, I've had plans to slowly "grow" my garden over time. I recently purchased a few more goodies for the balcony garden and the old favorites are loving this warm Southern California weather! Before I go on and on and on, let me show you the newbies and the oldies.

Flat Leaf Parsley,
Lemon Thyme,
And Sage!

The Thyme is the only NEW addition, 
but other things were relocated to this container.

Oh and a NEW Sweet Basil plant too!

And not new, but also relocated - the littttttttle tiny Jalapeno plant!

I've had really good luck with Jalapeno plants the last few years,
so I'm really hoping I can get the same out of this lil sucker!

Two EMPTY looking Railing Window Boxes...

I planted Poppies and Snap Dragons in both. 

I can't wait to see what happens.

The FIRST signs of growth, 
so I hopefully won't have to wait too long!!

My GIANT Geranium Plant/Bush.

And the lil Lime Tree.

Last but NOT least - my awesome Snap Peas that keep doing better and better.
They're now climbing like crazy and clinging like I had hoped they would.

Keep your eye out for more additions to the always growing and changing balcony garden.

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