Friday, March 27, 2015

Favorite Easter Candy

Happy Friday Everyone!!
I'm back today for another Friday Link Up!
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I haven't done a Friday Link Up in awhile,
and with Easter being right around the corner,
I figured now was a great time to talk about my

Note: These are in no particular order,
just five types of Easter candy I really like!
I've linked to where you can currently buy them online too.

Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Eggs and Rabbits!
Even better if they're covered in DARK CHOCOLATE!

Peeps Chick and Bunnies.
So I'm a lil strange and DO enjoy these.
But, they have to be a little stale and starting to get hard.
I know, strange!

Sour Jelly Beans!
I've tried both the Starburst and Jelly Belly ones,
but think I need to try the Yummy Earth ones this year!

Shape it like an egg, I don't care.
Easter is just another excuse to eat some yummy Reese's!

Last but not least...
You didn't think I'd forget these did you?
How can Robyn not like Robin Eggs?
If the regular ones are a mouthful, maybe try the mini ones!

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  1. What about the Cadbury cream eggs?! :D
    A great list of candy! I purchased the chocolate covered marshmallows for my Little's school egg hunt!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Sadly Cadbury cream eggs are too rich and sweet for me. I love the idea of them and can maybe take one bite, but have never been able to an entire one!!

      Hope you have a great weekend too, Sara!