Sunday, October 19, 2014

Kansas City FUN with Auntie Mommy!

I've been meaning to post about this for awhile,
but I was pretty busy the last few weeks
 and LIFE kinda just got in the way.

About a month ago, I had the pleasure and privilege
to watch my two adorable nephews for about a week.
My brother, his wife and my niece were headed out of town
and they needed someone to watch the boys.

When they asked me I instantly said "YES!",
and pretty much started planning immediately!

Keep reading so you can hear all about my AMAZING trip to Kansas City!!!

It's me - the person who blogs about a lot of the food she makes,
so you better believe I made some yummy food while I was there!

I took some recipes I have made numerous times, 
but made them a little more "kid friendly" for the boys.

A few of the things we ate were: Baked Mac 'n Cheese and broccoli, 
Fruit Kabobs with Yogurt, Pulled Pork Sliders with Waffle Fries 
and finally Pancakes, Bacon and Fruit for our Breakfast Party!

Now that I've showed you the yummy food, 
let me show you some of the fun we had!!!

First off - look at this guy!
I can't believe he's a Kindergartner now!

A little Auntie Robyn and Logan selfie fun!

I mean - look at that smile!

Gavin getting off the bus.
Such a little man now!!

Bike riding fun after school.
And look at his awesome helmet!!

Being silly before school.

Dancing and singing in the car on the way to the airport.

He got PINK at school!!!
Pink is the highest color on his behavior chart,
so I was a proud aunt that day!

Gavin did homework and Logan colored.
And then....

They became SUPERHEROES!!!
Can't get enough of that pose OR the baby feet!

There's not much cuter than this!

Logan and I went on a playdate with a gal I met in Kansas City last year.
We went to Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead in nearby Overland Park,
and then hit up Pig & Finch where the kids won over the chef with their cuteness!

With it being Fall, the leaves were just starting to change.
And Logan LOVED to collect them when walking to the bus.

At Gavin's request, we did Make Your Own Pizza one night for dinner!
And of course one must wear their superhero cape while cooking. 

Be still my heart.
Loved this view so much!

Almost as soon as I was asked to come watch the boys,
I knew I wanted to make a Welcome Home banner with them.

One day when Gavin was at school, Logan and I made a trip to Hobby Lobby.
A few hours later, during Logan's nap, I put the banner all together
and had the boys add their own special touch!

Both boys loved eating their Fruit Kabobs!

After refueling on fruit, we went outside to play with some friends.
Bike riding, sidewalk chalk drawing and then this happened...

A selfie series in front of the garage!!!

And you can't forget the fun we had making foam figures!
Gavin is such a great big brother and was super helpful 
because this project was a little advanced for Logan.

We already had lots of fun, 
but it didn't stop there...

I wanted to do something extra special one day, 
so I decided I'd throw a little Breakfast Party on Saturday.
I stayed up late on Friday to decorate the kitchen
and set out special place settings for both boys.

They didn't know what to think when they woke up,
but soon dug into their little craft packs while I whipped up
a little feast with bacon, pancakes, fruit and orange juice.
Oh and lots of coffee for me!!!

After we got cleaned up from breakfast,
I gave them both a little present from my parents.

Then we kept busy playing with a race track I drew using leftover banner paper.
And yes, Gavin is wearing a Storm Troopers costume! 

When we got up from naps and quiet time,
it was time for more fun so we went outside
and blew bubbles with a giant bubble wand!

They were being extra adorable on the stairs one morning,
so of course I had to document their cuteness.
And man, Logan's got some serious moves!!

Last but not certainly not least, 
Ninja Turtle Gavin out front with the rope swing.

Now that you've read all about the adventures I had with Gavin and Logan
you're probably confused and wondering about the title of this post.
Well - let me tell you!

A few days into me watching them, I woke Logan up from his nap
and instead of calling me Auntie Wobyn like he had been,
he called me Auntie Mommy and gave me the biggest hug!
I thought it was the cutest thing and it melted my heart.

I love those boys more than I can describe
and was honored to have been able to take care of them.

Hope you enjoyed the little glimpse into the fun I had in the Midwest.

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