Sunday, October 5, 2014

DIY Push-Up Pop Stands

In this recent post, I told you all about the delicious 
Strawberry Shortcake Push-Up Pops 
that I made for a friend's baby shower.
If you haven't read it yet, you should!

In that post, I promised I'd do another post soon 
to show you exactly how I made the Push-Up Pop stands.
Well, I like to keep my promises so keep reading
to find out exactly how I made them!

The Goods:
MDF Project Board
Wood Glue
3/8" Drill Bit
Spray Paint
Tape Measure
Pencil (Not Pictured)

Step One
Cut the wood to the size you need.
Or have Home Depot cut it for you like I did!
I needed to fit 25 Push-Up Pops on each stand,
so with the help of my brother and my aunt,
we calculated that each stand would need to 10" square.
Keep reading and find out how we came to that number.

Step Two
Since the MDF I was using was about 1/2" thick, 
I glued two 10" squares together with wood glue 
in order to have a thicker stand for more support.
Apply a good amount of wood glue to one board
and carefully place a second on top, lining the edges up.
Place something heavy on top for at least an hour,
if not longer to guarantee the glue is dry. 

Step Three
When your boards are completely dry, it's time to mark the holes!
When determining that I needed a 10" square board,
we calculated that each hole would be spaced 2" apart,
with the first hole starting 1" from the edge of the stand.
Using a ruler, mark your holes on the wood with a pencil.
And to be safe - double check the lines in both directions!

Step Four
Now the fun starts!
Secure your drill bit in the drill and start drilling.
Using the pencil marks as your guide,
drill the holes so they're deep enough,
but not all the way through the entire stand.
At this point, test the Push-Up Pops in the holes.
You'll want to make sure they fit pretty snug.
This will ensure that your treats stay upright -
and will also make transporting easier if needed!

Step Five
You're almost done - just the painting is left.
Spray the top of each stand with one coat and let dry.
Once try, follow up with a second coat of paint.
I didn't need to, but if needed repeat with a third coat.
I found that spray paint didn't adhere to the sides very well,
so I actually went back and repainted those by hand.

In case you're curious...
In "The Goods" photo above, you'll notice that I have
gold spray paint pictured, but we changed our minds 
at the last minute and ended up making the stands white instead!

Step Six
Add your Push-Up Pops and you're good to go!

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