Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blowdry Bar

Two of my girlfriends and I recently went to a Blowdry Bar for a belated birthday celebration! We'd planned on going to Blow Me Dry because it was really close to my apartment. It's a good thing we couldn't go closer to my birthday, because just a few days before we went, I was emailed a Living Social deal that made our blowouts just $17!!! I was ready to pay full price, but was stoked to get such a deal! I just hoped it'd look as good as I imagined...

They start by washing and conditioning your hair. I love having my hair washed so I was in heaven from the very start! Next they blow your hair out straight using a round brush or two. After that - if you want curls, and I did!! - they curl your hair depending on how you tell them you want it curled. I asked for something different than I normally do because I didn't know how do to it and wanted to try something new!

All in all, I was super impressed! I absolutely LOVED my hair and the girl that did it was just wonderful. 

I would go back in a heartbeat (paying full price too...) and just wish it was something I could do on a more regular basis! Try it! Hope you end up loving it too!! 

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