Thursday, July 5, 2012

Limes, Limes, Limes & Tomatoes Too!!!

As I recently mentioned, my lime tree really started showing me love and there are TONS of little baby limes growing. At last count, it was over 30, but I'm sure there are even more at this point. I am really happy and can't wait for them to become big enough to enjoy! Maybe I'll even have enough to make a key lime pie!!!

Just as exciting as the lime tree, is the cherry tomato plant. After the first tomato turned red, the next one came shortly after and now they just keep coming. I love coming home from work and picking one right off the vine to enjoy instantly. So so so amazing!

The herbs are doing ... alright. Some are doing amazing and growing like crazy, but I just wish the dill would become a little more stable and hearty. The parsley is kinda struggling too, but I think that's because I use it so often.  Hopefully they too will soon start to love the wonderful weather we're having this Summer in Southern California!

Chives, Lemon Thyme, Rosemary, Sage and Dill

Basil and Parsley

Lastly - the miniature roes bush that I THOUGHT was dead and was this close to getting rid or started blooming again. Now, it not only has this one bloom - but it currently has two wonderful yellow roses growing. And I'm hoping for more soon!!

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