Sunday, February 12, 2012

Plant Surprise AND Disappointment!

You read that right...I'm both surprised at something I'm attempting to grow AND disappointed in something I'm growing that didn't do as well as I'd hoped!

Let's start off with the disappointing - my Paper Whites that I received as a gift THIS year. I grew some last year and they did AMAZING, so I was hoping for the same, if not better.  Nope, so NOT the same and so NOT better. Only two of the sprouts from five bulbs produced flowers and they weren't as fragrant as I remember from last year. So so so sad. The only difference this year was that I grew them inside. I guess next I just need to test two batches, one grown inside and the other grown outside to determine if that's really what caused the differences.  

Less than a week after planting. 

Right after the two flowers bloomed.

Last Friday - realizing no more flowers will bloom...

A close up of the ones that DID bloom!

Now that I got the bad out of the way, let me tell you allllll about the good! :)

First off - LAST year's Paper Whites are doing GREAT, but I still have yet to find out if they'll actually flower this year.  I kept them in a paper bag since last year, but I'm not sure if these are the type of flowers that go dormant every other year ... or something like that. I'm not a gardener, I just pretend I am and get excited when things work out! Ha.

They sprouted - YAY!

Still growing, but will they bloom???

And lastly, my lime tree is going crazy right now! There are SO many blossoms and a bunch of little tiny lime. I loved the few I got from the last crop so I'm hoping these ones are just as good AND that I get a lot more. Gimmie limes!!!!

 Look at all the blossoms!!!

And the baby limeeeeeees. :)

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