Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fall Garden: 14 Weeks

Yes, I know I missed Week 13 for my garden, but I had a crazy busy weekend and never got a free moment to photograph or write about my crops.  Don't worry too much though because not a lot changed - I was too busy to change anything! :)

This week a lot changed though!

There is no longer a tomato plant due to a wind storm causing a disaster on my balcony. The wind knocked my huge storage unit over and in the process took out what was left of the tomato plant.  RIP Tomato Plant.

I also harvested the rest of the scallions to use while cooking this afternoon.  I will be planting them again that's for sure!

Before Cleaning

And After!

And lastly, I pruned the mint back quite a bit. It was looking kind of dull and decided to cut it back just a bit.

All the other herbs are still kickin' and my rosemary is going crazy. I need to use that soon I guess.

Upright Rosemary


Flat Leaf Parsley



The spinach is still doing well, but I'm waiting until it gets more full to harvest again.

The carrots are doing great - tiny bits are starting to pop up from the soil! And the beets are thriving. The beet greens are going crazy so I hope that means good things for the actual beets.



The Jalapeno plant is still going strong. It's one of the first plants from the garden I planted over Memorial Day.  There are still little tiny peppers attempting to grow!

Last but not least, the snap peas.  I've eaten all the peas that were on the plant, but while taking photos today I noticed a new blossom and a couple new teeeeeeeny tiny peas!

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