Saturday, April 30, 2016

Five Favorite Vegetables

This was supposed to be posted yesterday,
but somehow my day just got away from me.

I'm back today for another Friday Link Up (but a day late)!
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I'm a really big fan of eating vegetables.
I'm not picky and like pretty much all vegetables,
and since this is mostly a food blog I thought today I'd share my 

These are in no particular order because I honestly love eating them all,
but my favorite changes depending on the time of year
Lucky for me though because living in California,
means I can get them all pretty much year round!

Enough yapping outta me, let's get to the vegetables!

My favorite way to eat asparagus is to roast it.
I drizzle a little olive oil and then sprinkle salt and pepper on top
before roasting at 350 degrees for about 15 to 20 minutes.

I can't decide if I like roasted or steamed broccoli more.
I prepare my roasted broccoli the same way I do the asparagus,
but I sometimes add a little fresh Parmesan at the very end. 

I didn't know how much I loved brussels sprouts until I was an adult.
And since I discovered how much I love eating them,
I haven't found a single way of preparing them that I don't like!

Cauliflower is the most recent vegetable I've realized I love to eat.
Again, I think the method of preparing it I like the most is to roast it.
Adding a lemon juice and zest gives it a little extra flavor too!

Fresh, sweet corn on the cob roasted or grilled in the husk is AMAZING!
I've been known to make extra to have as leftover too.
Can't wait for Summer to get here because that means fresh corn!

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