Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sours and Flowers

Remember a few months ago when I posted this?
I'd hoped to post about my garden again before now,
but sadly time has just kinda slipped away from me.
And if I'm being honest, there wasn't anything exciting to share.

But there is!
What's that you ask?
Well let me tell you.
My lemons are starting to change color!

I'm SO excited!!!!
I noticed a little yellow spot not too long ago.
And wouldn't you know, the spot kept growing!
I still haven't picked my first lemon, but hopefully soon.

My last garden post was only about my lemon tree,
so I decided I couldn't leave my flowers out again.
While it's been beautiful in Southern California,
it is still winter so I only have a select few!

As I said last time,
I hope to post about my garden more often.
And with the temps getting warming I hope to add more too.
So please keep checking back often for more garden updates. 

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