Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The 1st Tomato of 2013!

I was starting to think that the cherry tomato plant I bought this year was in fact a plant for some other variety of tomato. Why? Well, because I'd had a cluster of tomatoes growing for what seemed like FOREVER and they just kept getting bigger, but not turning that orangish red color where you know it's time for picking!

I was really convinced it was another variety. That is...until YESTERDAY!!! 

While outside watering yesterday morning, I noticed that overnight a couple of the lil tomatoes had started to ripen! I was SO happy to know I'd be enjoying tomatoes soon.

And soon really did come soon because I got to enjoy my very first tomato of 2013 this evening after work. Judging by how fast this one got ripe, I think the others will be ready tomorrow, or Thursday at the latest!

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