Sunday, May 19, 2013

How The Garden Changes In A Week...

Since my garden has been growing like CRAZY, I thought it'd be interesting to document the progress in a week. The first pictures were taken last Saturday afternoon, and the second ones were taken just yesterday. Take a look below to see all the changes that have happened in just seven days!

Three pretty poppies.

Now only one. 
But the good news -
I saw more buds today!!! 

Pretty window boxes...

are really filling out!

I love marigolds! 

And they tend to grow so well!

This was right after planting.

Thriving a week later!

Basil, parsley and mint growing like crazy.

And still doing well even with using most of the parsley!

More herbs doing amazing!
Rosemary, oregano, sage, dill and thyme.

Still doing amazing for the most part...

But this stupid caterpillar thought he was invited to enjoy my sage!

Stupid caterpillar!!! 
I hate them and hope this was the last I see of them this Summer.

Oh hello huge jalapeno plant!

And hello TINY praying mantis too!!!

It just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger!!!
It had 22 peppers on it at last count and I'm sure there are even more now.

My poor tomato plant is not living up to my expectations.

But it does have this one awesome bunch!

Looking a little better this week, so there's hope!

When will they start to ripen!?! 
They're getting SO big for cherry tomatoes...

The raspberry plant had a berry last week...

And the blueberry plant is growing like a weed!

Sadly, it was too hot and the raspberry didn't make it! 

But the blueberry plant continued to grow like crazy.

And the carrots are BEGGING to be thinned.

Yup, still begging...
I've been a little busy (hence the lack of posts).

The lime tree is THRIVING!!!!

And I cannot believe it's gotten so big!

Check back for more garden updates in the not to distant future! 

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