Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall Gardening

Now that it's Fall, and the weather is FINALLY feeling like it's November, my garden is in a transition phase. That's one of the reasons I haven't really posted about it recently. Oh and the fact that not much had changed the last few weeks...but this week I had new flowers bloom and other fun exciting stuff! 

What other fun exciting stuff?

You really wanna know, huh?

Ok...fine! I'll tell ya...

My tomato plant is not only still doing well - it might be a little small, but still thriving - and now it has brand new blossoms in addition to new teeny tiny tomatoes!

And holy moly - the former miniature Christmas tree is growing like crazy and ginormous compared to what it once was!

My other tree - the key lime tree - is doing quite well too. I have SO many baby limes and I just can't use them fast enough. What I problem...I know! :)

The herbs are all doing pretty well. The oregano is still struggling, and I recently got rid of the thyme. I plan to replace that and maybe add something else too! Any suggestions? What's an herb that you just love to use?

The corner plants are doing AMAZING and just can't get enough of this amazing weather we've been having. I really can't either!!

Lastly, the other window box flowers are struggling, but I don't think they'd last too much longer anyway because the temperatures are getting so cold over night. I may just wait until the Spring, or replace them with sometime cold tolerant.  I'll take suggestions and opinions on this too, folk!

I'm excited for the changes over the next few months. 

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