Sunday, April 14, 2013

Garden: New & Improved!

The building I live in is currently being repainted. That obviously includes painting balcony and if you follow my blog, you know how many plants I have on my balcony! While I'm happy for a newly painted balcony, I was not looking forward to moving everything.

I got a notice saying they were going to be painting my balcony on this past Saturday. It actually worked out great because I would have hated to take apart and put my balcony back together during the work week. It sounds like it's not that hard, but I have quite a few plants...

I woke up early Saturday morning and took all the small pants inside. The only thing left on my balcony was a tall storage unit, an old piece of furniture that I use for a multi-level plant stand, my lime tree, the climbing jasmine and a few succulents. Everything else basically took over my apartment den!

Plants, plants and MORE plants.

They were wasn't much room to walk.

This made me realize how many plants I really have.

And it's LOTS!!!

A different view from the hallway.

The almost empty balcony.

And the windows getting protected for painting!

They were done painting by about noon and I was outside setting everything back up a few hours later. While it was a little annoying to move everything in and out, it gave me a good opportunity to clean the balcony like crazy. I even decided to do a little reorganizing in the process. And due to that, I just HAD to buy some new goodies for the garden to fill empty space! :)

I rearranged the hanging flower boxes...

Added some new flowers...

And even added two new flower boxes too!

The climbing jasmine and flower boxes.

More flower boxes and other garden goodness!

White Geranium

Geraniums in two shade of PINK about to bloom!

A corner filled with many different flowers.

Basil, Mint and Flat Leaf Parsley

Thyme, Rosemary, Oregano, Sage and NEW Dill.
Trying it for like the third or fourth time... please work this time dill!!

The Jalapeno Plant 

There are just SO many peppers, blossoms and buds! 
I'm thinking, and hoping, it's going to be a good year for my jalapeno plant!!!

Look at my tomato plant take off!
There are already multiple little cluster of flowers growing. 

I moved the lime tree to a different corner.
And I'm thinking it's new placement is much better!

I decided to add a raspberry plant to fill some empty space! 

Oh and a blueberry plant too!

Check back soon to see the progress on all the new and old garden favorites! The weather has been amazing and everything is really starting to grow like crazy!!! 

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  1. Love the garden! Did you know with today's innovations you can feed an extended family on 2 to 3 acres of land? 100 years ago it would take much more. Maybe one day soon you will be feeding us all!

    Love, Aunt Vickie