Sunday, January 27, 2013

Forgotten Garden

I'm sorry! I know I said I'd be better about blogging, but January has kinda slipped away from me and I haven't been blogging at all. That doesn't mean I haven't been snapping tons of pictures and storing blog posts away. I actually have QUITE a few posts ideas, so get ready to read folks! I hope to get caught up in the next few weeks.

To get started, let me tell you about another thing in my life, besides my blog, that has been sorta forgotten and neglected!

Sadly, my garden always dwindles in the Winter, but this year I didn't even touch it for a couple weeks. No pruning, no upkeep, no water even! I know...I'm bad! But rest assured, I've been out there again on a more regular basis, and we've had TONS of rain recently so I'm sure the plants are loving that. Once the weather starts to warm up, I'll definitely be adding some new plants and sprucing up the herb garden again!

Until then, take a look at how my poor garden went from a lush green area before the holidays, to a kinda sad area that needs some love right now!

Before Christmas my garden looked like this...
Pretty window boxes.


Basil, which is sadly gone! :(

Flat Leaf Parsley 

A Single Yellow Rose!

The Climbing Jasmine

Oh look - I STILL had tomatoes!

Some beautiful Gerber Daisies!

And the corner was thriving!!!

Sadly, now it looks like this... 
Empty window boxes.

Herbs that are struggling!

The Mint may be gone for good, but I'm holding out hope!

A single yellow rose...
and a geranium plant that is SUPER resilient! 

Still no flowers on the Climbing Jasmine! 

No more tomato plant and empty hanging baskets.

And the Gerber Daisies are gone too!

The SAD looking corner that is need some more green.

And a TON of empty pots begging for new plants!

The succulents seem to be only things doing well...

Even the lime tree is a little bare. 

But there are still new limes growing!!!

I hope to revamp the garden in the near future. I'm looking forward to having a nice little balcony garden in Spring, if not before then!!

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