Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fall Decoration Changes & Additions

I think I've mentioned before how much I LOVE Fall. And also how much I LOVE decorating for the holidays. If I haven't mentioned either, well now I have! :) Even though I already posted about Fall decorations here and here, I couldn't help myself and just had to post again because there are some changes AND additions. 

After Halloween I took down all the creepy and scary Halloween decorations like I've done in past years. I normally don't add anything else to my Fall decorations, but this year I thought I could use more and went to town modified existing decorations I already have and making a few new ones! I recently discovered FREE Printables and let me tell you they are wonderful! I used two for my decorations and will link to them when pictured below. 

 My Sister-In-Law recently sent me a picture of her Fall mantle and it had a really cute "Give Thanks" banner/theme going. I was inspired and after some quick searching, I came across this amazing FREE Printable for an oh so cute Pumpkin and Pomegranate Give Thanks Banner. I made the banner and used it as inspiration for the whole mantle. I really do like the outcome and it's so different than past years!

After finding my first awesome FREE Printable, I was inspired and went searching for more fun ways to decorate without spending much money, if any at all! I wanted a 4x6 "Subway" themed sign for Fall, but couldn't find many in that size. After thinking I was out of luck, I found this beauty and couldn't wait to make use of it! I really love how the entry table turned out and I'm tempted to do something similar for other upcoming holidays. 

I couldn't help but decorate with more lil corn too! The photo of my grandma and nephew just happen to make for some cute decor as well! I also got a really cute lil fern for my entryway plant stand and I'm hoping it last longer than the last plant I had there! HAHA! I'll keep you updated... but if nothing else, I'll have the cute little "Happy Harvest" sign. 

When I went went to Michaels for banner supplies, I found a few other Fall goodies I couldn't pass up and am really happy about how they worked out! I love the new little garlands and the acorn/leaf scatters I have in the jar. And of course - it's not Fall in my apartment if there aren't these falling leaves! 

Last but not least, an overall look at some Fall aspects in my Dining and Living rooms.

Have I mentioned that I love Fall?!!? 

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